Pixie cuts and frizzy hair.

I’ve been tempted to cut my hair and leave it as a nice pixie cut but my hair is quite wavy and frizzy. I don’t know how this kind of haircut works for people with hair like mine.

A few days ago Miley Cyrus posted a couple of pictures of her new pixie cut and looked a bit weird at first, but then she released more pics and it looks very good (not sure about the color, thought); anyway, she made me look inside my deepest thoughts from that time when I wanted a pixie cut so bad, so so bad.

I’ve gone to cut my hair to the salon several times and when I picked a pixie cut the stylist told me it’s too short for my type of hair and she wasn’t gonna do it. I don’t know, maybe she is right but I find it rude…if I want to shave half o my head and paint a rainbow on the other half, that’s my problem, you can give me some advice but don’t try to patronize me.

I have very voluminous hair and I’m sort of scared of ending up with an afro, not because I don’t like afros, they’re amazing, but because it is not the style I am aiming for.

Would it be easy to maintain or I’ll have to struggle every fucking day to make it look presentable?

This is how my hair looks naturally when I let it dry alone after a shower:

Minus the viking hat and the pirate sword, tho. I wasn’t lying when I said I had a lot of hair. Also, my mouth was opening doing a “YAARRRGH” sound, my face isn’t shaped that weirdly.

I want to hear your thoughts, please.

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  1. Hi, I have no idea if your hair will look good because I’m wanting to do the same! My hair is very fine and not quite as frizzy as yours, more curly. When I was little it was shorter and not as curly but I asked some hairdressers and they’ve said it’ll go curlier if it’s short but I just don’t see how looking at old pictures of myself! Did you end up doing it? I’m just terrified of doing it and coming out with a fuzzy nanny perm. And people so oh it’s just hair it’ll grow back! No. Not my hair. My hair takes YEARS to grow the shortest amount. If you know or anyone else does please help! I want mia farrow pixie cut and she has quite frizzy/curly hair when it’s long!

    • Hey! Sorry for answering so late, I’ve been computerless.
      I ended up not cutting my hair short, I’m very volatile and after rewatching the season 2 of Game of Thrones I got absurdly jealous of Daenerys hair and decided to let it grow.
      I totally understand your concern due to curly hair…I think it might depend on how curly your hair is…I checked the Mia Farrow ones and they’re pretty cool; well, I am not an stylist but I do think I’d get curlier because it won’t have the same weight as before…anyhow I think that if you use some styling creme it might keep it under control.
      I’ve seen people who had tried cutting it shorter and shorter every time like testing how it goes…maybe that’d work with you.
      About the hair growth, I had (still kinda have it) the same exact problem, but I realized it was because I wasn’t consuming enough vitamins or brushing it enough. I also tried braiding it sometimes to sleep and surprisingly it makes it grow a little faster.
      So, if you decide to do it, let me know, I’m quite interested in knowing how the experience actually is; and if you don’t, well..the hair growth advices might help you.

      Cheers and have a great weekend :D.

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